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Is Your Home Fit to Sell?

 The RE/MAX Fit to Sell Program is designed to help you prepare your home so it sells faster and for a better price.

You play an important role in selling your home.

Preparing your home to be as presentable is an important role you can play to ensure your home sells quickly and for the highest possible price. RE/MAX is pleased to provide you with Fit to Sell videos to help you best prepare your home for sale.

 The Fit to Sell includes 18 video featuring Carla Woolnough - a renowned designer and home staging expert.

Fit to Sell - Simple Facts to Help Sell Your Home

Fit To Sell - Top 5 Issues in Preparing Your Home for Sale

Fit To Sell - Deal Makers for Home Buyers

Fit To Sell - Preparing Your Home for the Right Buyer

Fit to Sell - Winter Curb Appeal

Fit to Sell - Why a Home Doesn't Sell

Fit to Sell - Prepare Your Home for Sale

Fit to Sell - Turning Family Home into Model Home

Fit to Sell - Curb Appeal

Fit to Sell - Depersonalizing

Fit to Sell - Air Quality

Fit to Sell - Flooring

Fit to Sell - Furniture Placing and Lighting

Fit to Sell - Home Inspection

Fit to Sell - Main Selling Room

Fit to Sell - Painting

Fit to Sell - Pre-packing

Fit to Sell - Updates and Repairs